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self-defence course for women - visiting or living in Gent (Ghent)


Today, a good self-defence course for women is unfortunately hard to find.

There is also often a lack of realism: there are combat sports where "scoring points" is the goal, there are traditional martial arts and there are systems that only work to a limited extent in reality and therefore only against an inexperienced attacker. This gives you a false sense of security.

What is also rarely discussed is cultivating the right mindset. Mental exercises that protect you from 'freezing' and help you not to hesitate when your life depends on it. Furthermore, most of the training you see today pushes you into a victim role with a focus on reaction (responding to an attack) rather than preemptive action. This course does this differently.

This self-defence course for women opts for realism and the optimal response in every situation.
From verbal de-escalation to effective counter-attacks when your life depends on it, and everything in between.

The training always takes place at your own pace and is very calm and safe. Our personal approach guarantees rapid knowledge transfer.

“Learned more in a few lessons than in previous training years. I should have done these lessons right away to save a lot of time... in a short time you will learn a lot of useful principles and tactics here."


"Unfortunately I had to put what I learned into practice… my body did what it was supposed to do, I got nothing, just maybe a bruise or two, and a lot of scare but that's it. The lessons probably saved my life... also mentally because I would have reacted completely differently before. I am really very grateful to you!


"I already took a few lessons with my daughter. I have already learned a lot and it makes me want more. It is a boost for self-confidence and you learn indispensable life skills. Recommended."


“Very good teacher. I learned a lot in a short time at my pace. Every woman who likes to go out should take this course!”


“Calm instructor who helps you step-by-step to get the best out of yourself, with a touch of humor 🙂 I strongly recommend this course!”


“It is not a macho lesson about fighting but really starts from your own strength as a woman. Everything feels natural. I was very pleasantly surprised about the content and the way of training!”


“I had been looking for a reliable self-defence course for my daughter for a long time. If she goes out, I'm more relaxed now. Thank you!”


“During the first trial lesson I immediately discovered some handy methods to escape from multiple situations.”


“It gives me confidence that the lesson is given by a man, because I have already done techniques with a man.”


“This goes beyond self-defence, unseen fascinating. I wish I had discovered these lessons earlier.”


“Awareness is central to this course. I am now more aware of my surroundings and how I can use my body weight against someone with more muscle power. Top!”

self-defence course for women - visiting or living in Gent (Ghent)


Seba has years of experience with various martial arts and self-defence systems. He combined effective principles from different disciplines with knowledge about psychology, anatomy and his own experiences.

As the father of a daughter, he knows all too well how vulnerable a girl or woman can be on the street. This gives him extra motivation to provide the best possible self-defence course for women.

His mission is to dramatically reduce the risk of assault and other violence to women. It's not just about techniques, but also about the right mindset and tactics to increase your chance of survival.

self-defence course for women



You will learn effective 360° self-defence for women, including the mental aspect.

This course boosts your self-confidence, resilience and above all: safety.


All women who want to learn how to defend themselves against violence. For example we teach women who study in Ghent, contact professions (eg. hairdressers, care sector, sales or catering), and so on.


You must meet the following conditions:

  • You are a woman
  • You are in good health
  • You agree with the rules
self-defence course for women near Ghent
self-defence course for women near Ghent


  • Mental toughness ('lioness' mindset)
  • Overcoming fear and using it as a motivation
  • Prevention, observation & de-escalation
  • Repel unwanted touch (also without excessive aggression)
  • Learning to use the environment to your advantage
  • Generating power without (much) muscle power
  • Offensive Self Defence Techniques
  • Tactics against multiple opponents
  • When it's too late for preventive action:
    • Breaking free (e.g. from entrapment, hair grip, strangulation, ...)
    • Anti-assault tactics
    • Breaking free on the ground
    • Self-defence against take-downs
    • Self-defence against hits
    • Self-defence against kicks
    • Self-defence against stick
    • Self-defence against knife attacks
    • Defend yourself with a (walking) stick or umbrella, jacket, flashlight, ballpoint pen, ... and learn to use improvisation weapons
  • Etcetera


Many techniques are beautiful and fun in a sporting atmosphere or with an eye to imitating and exploring traditional styles, but are not usable on the street. Other techniques are way too complex or won't work against an experienced attacker (or under increased stress and anxiety!).

The women's self-defence lessons in this course combine the best of different styles with own insights. Result are extremely effective methods to protect you in realistic unpredictable situations and always in proportion to the threat.

Keep your mind open, always question everything.


You can always describe a situation for which you would like to learn a technique or a way out. At the same time, there is no 'standard combat situation'. Every battle is chaotic, dynamic and unpredictable. You will therefore also learn essential principles that apply in multiple (realistic) situations.

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No experience is necessary.

You can perfectly follow this self-defence course as an absolute beginner. Often that is even an advantage since your mind is still open and not just thinking in one particular style or system.

Have you ever practiced a martial art or self-defence course? Then certain things you learned can of course be very useful, at the same time you will also have to be open to let go of some beliefs or at least dare to look at them differently.

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A lesson takes 50 minutes.

We train slowly so that your brain has time to absorb the matter properly. With the bonus that it is very safe.

Accurate and correct execution of techniques is the most important. You don't have to learn speed as it will automatically be added in a real situation, if the principles are perfectly ingrained in your (muscle) memory.

Also be strongly believe in the OpenJutsu way of training.

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You can join one of our public workshops, these give a basic introduction for your personal protection in 2-3 hours.

For private lessons: you can choose the number of self-defence lessons yourself, so this may as well be 10 or only 1. Each lesson you learn useful principles that you can use immediately. Because of the focus on simplicity and being effective, you don't need years of intense training.

In just 5 lessons you already have a solid mental foundation to know what it takes to increase your chances of survival. This can be done so quickly because we focus on universal principles (instead of an endless series of techniques) and hammer on the mental aspect. The latter since a realistic situation requires 90% mental decisiveness and only 10% physical skill. Learning a whole range of complex techniques is pointless because you forget them quickly and many do not work under stress, fear and adrenaline.

The most important thing is that you master the principles well. And by practicing the physical skills several times you get them better in your 'muscle memory'. Do this preferably with an experienced instructor who gives you constructive feedback. We also teach you how to automate certain movements at home.

After a first series of lessons, many students request a few more lessons every year as a refresher, but that is not a must.

A good alternative is the online video course, where you can do all the lessons yourself from home. Pay close attention to the common errors we mention. If you wish, you can also request remote feedback and possibly combine it with a private lesson.

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It depends whether you are a student or not. You can also do a shortened lesson and you can split the cost with your friend.

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Sporty (neat) clothing and a bottle of water or sports drink.

The place where we train has mats, so you can train in stockings or bare feet. Take care of the necessary hygiene. See also the rules.

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Lessons can be scheduled at any time of the day (and sometimes on Saturdays). That is an added advantage of private lessons.

After your request, we will call you to find a time slot that works for you.

For (public) workshops: once you signed up you will get an invitation with time + location (depending on the availability of sport accommodations). If you can't make it, you will get information about the next workshop.

For private workshops (for your organisation or group): we will look together for a fitting time.

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P.S.: For our online video course you choose when you train.

For private lessons you will receive the address after approval of your request. It is in the station area of Ghent (Sint-Pieters). You can park your car or bicycle for free.

There is also an online video course that you can do perfectly from home, alone or together with your partner / family member / friend.

For public workshops: once you signed up you will get an invitation with time + location (depending on the availability of sport accommodations).

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P.S.: For private workshops, this can continue in your organisation (e.g. school or conference room).

The minimum age for the complete content is 16 years because not all material in the course is suitable for (young) children.

Girls from the age of 12 can, however, receive adapted lessons (with a greater focus on prevention). For more info, contact us.

You can sign up for a open workshop (or you can organise a private workshop yourself).

For private lessons our approach is comparable to that of a 'personal trainer'. In these we focus on individual training so that the knowledge transfer is maximized. You can take these lessons alone or with one or two friends.

We also do group lessons in Dutch.

For more information, contact us.

Contact us here with your questions.

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Self-Defence course for women

Self-Defence Gent, East-Flanders, Belgium

This self-defence course for women trains you quickly and boosts your self-confidence, resilience and above all: safety.